This is probably the aura of space that has a positive effect from the moment you set foot in your minimalist Chian this cafe. You again transcendence of the place with the countless historical circumstances create a back ground relaxing mood and some trends self-awareness search. It can be anything from them, may be a combination that gives the final results. Can he and the targeting of the owners to move in a concerted way, the path of this traditional building of the castle for 200 years so far. A route with many interesting stops

Today Iliastra, (iliastra is Chian word that means the area in which lie the figs to dry), is a very atmospheric place, a traditional café-patisserie, into the castle renovated radically 2008, since until then at least the last years was used as a blacksmith-workshop, the blacksmith of Mastro Giorgis Voulamanti. The Iliastra is a space in terms of both styling, and operating a beyond the given use, it is a living cell reproduction of the local culture, not only by supporting the artistic creation of new, and older artists.

Drinks nature, local sweets with emphasis on citrus of Chian plain coffee on the coals, but Mastichato ouzo and espresso and cappuccino and fresh juices and beers from around the world. Here, in this castle the polyplithysmikotita and pluralism always been dominant element of sustainability.

From spring to autumn, all this can be enjoyed outdoors, square fortress.



agiou georgiou frouriou1, 82100 Chios, Greece


38.37252128207, 26.136145807546

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